Arsene Wenger looks to build a solid hand by acquiring Luis Suarez

The transfer window puts football managers in a sort of potential game-turning poker scenario. They constantly scramble to sign the best available talents by luring them in with mind-blowing numbers that somehow exceed the field of a basic calculator. Some managers have this certain magic touch of cashing in on their desired players, while others tend to bust out of contention with their failed bluffs. For Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, he looks to build on a winning hand and bring the Premier League title back to Holloway, London by contemplating whether or not to fully commit on going all in on Uruguayan striker, Luis Suarez.


After acquiring the service of young French centre forward Yaya Sanogo, the Gunners are still seeking to bolster their offensive firepower even more with their generous bid to sign Luis Suarez. The ultra talented Liverpool forward has openly expressed his frustrations towards his mother club claiming “This club needs to fight to enter the {Champions League} and, when it doesn’t happen; it damages the morale of any player. So I’ve suffered.” Suarez is a born winner, that’s why fans from both clubs (Arsenal and Liverpool) can understand his disappointment towards the Reds. “It is hard to view the Premier League every week with never a chance of winning it” he added. Basically, the ticking time bomb that is Luis Suarez wants to play for a title-contending club and/or at least have a shot at winning matches on a regular basis before he completely explodes out of frustration. Enter Arsene Wenger’s huge chip stack. On the surface, Wenger’s whopping bet of £40,000,001 – which is more than enough to pursue a player of Luis Suarez’ calibre to sign with the Gunners – is like a match made in poker’s prosperous heaven. But will the deal be really beneficial to both parties?

Being the guile football manager that he is, Arsene Wenger looks to pounce on the advantages of the potential Suarez-to-Arsenal scenario. Suarez wants to play for a contender, Wenger bets on the flop. Suarez constantly craves for wins, Wenger bets on the turn. Arsenal looks to once again lift a championship trophy and never look back at the disappointments of previous seasons; Wenger goes all in on the river.

For die hard Arsenal fans, they just have to firmly believe in Arsene Wenger’s vast knowledge in the game. He’s proven time and time again that he can, and will sign the best. He has that keen eye of polishing talents that are rough around the edges. But will the impending Suarez-signing truly seal the deal to hope of conquering the Premier League after nearly a decade-long absence? For Luis Suarez, sure the idea of leading an often thwarted Arsenal squad to the top of the standings and be the main Gunner can be enticing in every way. But will a possible gamble pay him off in the end? A lot of burning questions and extraordinary propositions linger during the transfer window. But just like in a poker tournament, one can never fully assume victory until all the chips go to one side of the felt.

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