Wenger: Wilshere will take over as Arsenal manager one day

The England midfielder may be playing at Bournemouth this season but his mentor has no doubt that he will be back one way or another at the Emirates Stadium

Arsene Wenger has backed Jack Wilshere to take over as Arsenal manager once his football career comes to an end.

The England international will spend the 2016-17 campaign on loan at Bournemouth after struggling with injuries last season.

But Wenger remains a firm believer in the academy graduate’s potential – both on the pitch and in a future role in the dugout.

“Certainly one day he will be in my seat,” Wenger said of Wilshere during his press conference on Friday.

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“He has a real football brain and understands football. You know really, it’s in his genes. I see him in the future at this club of course. He will spend his life in football, he is a football man.

“He has an eye on everybody, it’s in him. You have that or you haven’t got it, but he is a real football man.”

Arsenal take on Southampton on Saturday after beginning the Premier League campaign with a win, a draw and a defeat to lie eighth after three games.

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