Wenger: There is no blood doping in the Premier League

The Arsenal boss has criticised the current rules in place to catch drug cheats in football and believes blood tests should be carried out

Arsene Wenger admits he is unhappy with the current level of drug testing in football but says he does not see any signs of doping in the Premier League.

The Football Association is keen to hold talks with the Arsenal manager over his previous claims that he has faced teams with players who have taken performance enhancing drugs.

And when asked if he was happy with the current level of drug tests in football, Wenger told beIN Sports: “No, I’m not.

“I’m not satisfied with the level of testing because I believe blood tests should be done. If you want to go into a bit more sophistication you have to do blood checks. Urine checks are superficial and not deep enough to say absolutely sure that we have no doping problem in football.

“I think no and I wish no but on the other hand, can you have 740 football players at a World Cup and come out with zero alert on any doping? It’s a little bit surprising. I hope it is true but I think to be completely sure about it, you want to go into deeper tests.”

The Arsenal boss has also denied witnessing doping first hand and believes the current rules in place make it almost impossible for governing bodies to catch players who are cheating.

“Personally, no,” said Wenger.

“I recently made statements that I never doped or try to dope anybody in my career and it helps me to sleep much better than if I had done it. Did I witness some strange things during my career?  I say, without any doubt, yes. There’s always a big difference between having suspicions and proving it and that’s why I’m not in a position where I can make a statement, ‘I’m sure that he doped.’

“You have heard about things, I have heard about things, even players say [it], but what you want is that the control is better than it is done today.

“For example, now you have three doping tests after the game. If one of the players is doped, the result of the game is not changed. You need two to be doped to have a result of the game changed but if you test only three, it is nearly impossible that you catch a second one.

“Out of 18, it means you test as well the players who have not played, so you can say there is something in there that is not completely logical and maybe we have to do more. I hope it is not a deep problem and I don’t think it is one.

“I don’t think in England, in the Premier League, I don’t see any signs of doping at all.”

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