Wenger: Sanchez and Vardy are like lions

The Arsenal manager has lauded his Chilean attacker for his explosive style, insisting the Leicester City striker plays in a similar way

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez’s style is similar to a hunting lion, according to Arsene Wenger, who adds that Jamie Vardy is the same.

The Chile international is battling a hamstring injury he suffered during his side’s 3-0 Champions League win over Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday, when he scored twice and set up the other.

But Wenger expects Sanchez to be fit to face Norwich City in the Premier League on Sunday and the Frenchman lauded the 26-year-old’s desire and explosiveness and feels Leicester City star Vardy is similar.

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“Sometimes he finishes and you think, ‘He’s dead now’,” Wenger said.

“But then he recovers and gives 100 per cent again. You always see signs of exhaustion but it’s not, because two days later he’s fine.

“His style is very explosive. Jamie Vardy is a bit similar. They go when they go.

“They are like the lion. He has to catch the animal in the first 200 metres. If he doesn’t get there, after, he’s dead.

“They are these kind of killers. When they go, it is to kill and after they have to stop.”

Wenger said Sanchez was unlike the other players within his squad, who have helped Arsenal into fourth in the Premier League, stating his durability and consistency are at another level.

“His resistance is remarkable. What is also remarkable is that he goes to South America on international duty, he comes back Thursday night and on Saturday he can play without a problem, even if he’s jet-lagged,” Wenger said.

“He would have been a perfect tennis player.

“These are not players who have the traditional academic education that we give now to the players at 15,16. They have a physio every day.

“They are more street players, not pampered.”

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