Wenger questions 'morality' of Lampard at Manchester City

The Arsenal boss believes that there are both moral and legal issues surrounding the 36-year-old’s temporary move to the Premier League champions from New York City

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has questioned the morality of Frank Lampard’s loan move to Manchester City.

Having spent 13 years at Chelsea, Lampard signed a deal with New York City FC earlier this summer but secured a temporary switch to the Premier League champions until the start of January.

The 36-year-old netted the equaliser against his former club in City’s 1-1 draw at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, while Manuel Pellegrini has already conceded that an extension to Lampard’s loan is being considered.

“You always have two judgements, one is moral and one is legal and it just depends what you consider,” said Wenger to the press.

“I think: ‘Is it legal?’ You have to respect it after that and the player has to deal with his decisions.

“I respect the fact he wants to play at the top level and he maybe didn’t have that opportunity any more at Chelsea.

“I don’t really know what is behind all that. Was it always his plan to go to New York and go to Man City? I am not sure.

“I genuinely think he wanted to go abroad and to New York and [then] suddenly was offered this solution to come back to the Premier League and he took it.

“He could explain that much better than I do, I don’t know what is behind that.”

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