Wenger expecting 'very calm' transfer window

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the January transfer window will be a quieter period than normal.

Whilst the Frenchman has declared an interest of bolstering his Arsenal squad before the window shuts at the end of the month, he believes business will be done between clubs in England as it will be more difficult to buy from abroad.

“[I’m expecting it to be] very calm because, first of all, I believe there is little money and what can happen is basically a transfer market within the English clubs,” Wenger told reporters.

“That is more difficult than with the foreign clubs. Overall, I believe that not a lot will happen.

“That [the economic situation] could [affect movement], because the clubs have to look at the finances. What make the clubs are the fans and what makes the fans is the economy. On that front, nobody is really sure what will happen in 2013.

“A lot [of players are] over 30. Of course, they are all great players. They have proven that.

“It shows that the market will be more difficult for the players because the fact that you have so many top-quality players available means that [the clubs] are cautious as well.”

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