Wenger: Bolt still too quick for Bellerin

The Arsenal manager is not convinced that the Spanish right-back could beat the Jamaican Olympic legend in a footrace, despite his incredible pace gaining more and more admirers

Hector Bellerin may possess incredible pace but Arsene Wenger is still not convinced that he could beat Usain Bolt in a race.

The Arsenal right-back recently recorded an incredible time in a 40-metre sprint, covering it in 4.42 seconds – quicker than the Jamaican sprinter, who took 4.64 seconds to run that distance when he broke the world record in the 100m sprint at the Olympics.

Bellerin’s figure has prompted many Arsenal fans to call him the fastest man on the planet but Wenger believes that the Spaniard would still struggle to match the Jamaican if it came down to it.

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“It’s a bit ambitious,” the Frenchman told reporters. “I think he’s still too quick for Hector.”

Bellerin, 21, has been a regular starter for the Gunners since the second half of the 2014-15 season and has played every minute of the current campaign. 

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