Wenger: Arsenal don't need Suarez

The Gunners manager is confident in the ability of his squad to challenge for the title even if they are not successful in their pursuit of the Uruguay striker

Arsene Wenger has insisted Arsenal can win the Premier League this season without signing Luis Suarez from Liverpool.

Wenger has so far only added 20-year-old Yaya Sanogo to his squad despite strong speculation linking the club to the wantaway Liverpool striker.

But the Frenchman insisted in the wake of the club’s 2-2 draw with Napoli in Saturday’s Emirates Cup encounter that he felt confident in his side’s ability to challenge for the title.

He told reporters: “I am confident. Why should I sit here and say to you that we can absolutely not win the title with the players we have?

“I never said we have made a bid to Liverpool [for Suarez], now I can tell you we have made one, so at least that is some information. All the rest, I would like to keep to us. At the moment, that is where we are.”

Wenger also called for supporters to reserve judgement on the club’s work in the market until the window concludes in a month’s time – previously revealing that he was working on signings.

“I wouldn’t like to talk openly about negotiations because that is not my target in the press conference. I can just repeat what I said yesterday: until the 31st, which is one month in front of us, we will work very hard to strengthen our squad without naming any specific names because I don’t believe that will make negotiations easier.

“After that you can make all kinds of thinking about the prices of the players.

“When you want to buy any player you need the agreement of the club and the agreement of the player and you need to agree a price. So you need three agreements.

“It is like you go to your neighbour and say: ‘I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning.’ He will not be necessarily happy about it.

“We will treat every transfer with the rules we have always followed and in a fair, respectful way. That is our club. Other clubs do it differently and that is their problem. But we are completely faithful to the values we think are important here.”

Arsenal conclude the Emirates Cup on Sunday afternoon against Galatasaray.

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