Wenger against director of football model as Tottenham continue to splash the cash

Arsenal have secured just two free transfers this summer and failed in bids for Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain, while Franco Baldini has led a €106 million spending spree at Spurs

Arsene Wenger has insisted he will never agree to work alongside a director of football figure at Arsenal despite Tottenham’s success with Franco Baldini.

Spurs have pre-emptively reinvested the record-breaking sum expected for Gareth Bale with a spending spree worth upwards of €106 million, breaking their transfer record three times during the summer.

Arsenal, on the other hand, have just two free signings to boast thus far, but Wenger prefers to keep a firm eye on potential purchases himself as he is in charge of their on-pitch performances.

“I would not work with a ­director of football because they buy the players and when it does not work you are guilty for not using them well,” Wenger told reporters.

“I am not against having ­people to help me buy, sell and negotiate because I cannot do it all. But I think the final ­decision always has to belong to the manager to decide who comes in and who goes out because he is ­responsible for the style of play and ­results.

“I stand up for the results of a team I have chosen. The ­manager should be responsible for the players who come in.

“I cannot deny the transfer window is a problem for me because it conflicts with a ­period where the competition has started already and I need big focus on the competition.

“It’s not as easy any more because the market has become more open and international. There are more contenders, but not more players. I always want to be in a position where I do not have to buy.”

Wenger has been the target of frustrated Arsenal fans this summer following failed bids for Luis Suarez and hesitation seeing Gonzalo Higuain join Napoli, but he has insisted his desire to succeed at the Emirates Stadium has not faltered.

“I don’t look too far ahead, I never have,” he added. “This job teaches you a lot about yourself and I know one thing, everywhere I have worked has been to the last day with full commitment.

“That commitment will not change. Do I go or stay? I think I have shown my commitment to this club because I said no to many, many, many, many clubs while I have been here. I don’t need to show my loyalty.”

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