Twitter Reacts to Arsenal (Somehow) Beating Liverpool & Virgil van Dijk Confirming He’s Human After All

Virgil van Dijk
Van Dijk made a very surprising mistake. | Pool/Getty Images

So, Arsenal hosted Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night.

Wait, sorry, I’ll rephrase: tenth place Arsenal hosted Premier League champions Liverpool on Wednesday night with a casual 43 points separating the two sides ahead of kick off. Startling.

Who would be tuning in? Well, there are always those who love to watch Arsenal suffer, while there is also the angle of seeing whether Liverpool are actually bothered about breaking top flight records anymore and might get undone by this new-look side under Mikel Arteta.

As kick-off loomed, those who thought the Reds would topple Arsenal comfortably were made to look slightly foolish before the match started, as the lineup Arteta put out indicated that Jurgen Klopp and co. would actually wipe the floor with the hosts.

…Oh how wrong we all were. But still, it wasn’t the most reassuring team to host the champions for much of the Twitterface.

The omission of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the standout alteration.

Arsenal have got by with a few goals from goalkeeping howlers this season, but they came within a whisker of being the victims on this occasion as Emi Martinez’s clearance smacked Roberto Firmino and flashed just wide of the post.

Heart in mouth moment.

But what Liverpool do is score goals. More specifically, score goals against Arsenal.

Sadio Mane tends to get involved in that bi-seasonal activity, and he did just the same after 20 minutes.

It was cruise control for Liverpool in the opening exchanges. It might as well not changed from their training gear as it looked as if they were merely going through various drills.

Then the David Luiz influence came into play.

Not in the opposition’s favour, believe it or not, but actually for Arsenal as Virgil van Dijk genuinely turned into Luiz and made a mistake. A bad one too. Gave it straight to Alexandre Lacazette.

He’s human after all it seems, and Lacazette profited from that. 1-1, wow.

Then, it all started to unravel…….FOR LIVERPOOL!??!!?!?!?

Having barely got hold of the ball all game, another mistake, this time by Alisson, put Arsenal in with a chance for a second goal, and Reiss Nelson took the opportunity.


What was going on?

And, just to make it all the more bizarre, Arsenal came out in the second half to Triple H’s theme song.

Do you know why? Cos I sure don’t.

It was one way traffic in the second period. Arsenal couldn’t get near the Reds (even more so than the first half) and you felt an equaliser was inevitable.

It was still not going in for Liverpool, despite Arsenal having just two shots and about 1% possession in the second half. Origi and Shaqiri on.

That goal? It never came. Actually never came.

Yes, the Arsenal who were going to get slapped by the Premier League champions, won 2-1.

With two shots on target.

On holiday or not, nobody saw that coming. Not a soul.


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