The Premier League Clubs That Have Benefited the Most From VAR Decisions – Revealed

​The Video Assistant Referee giveth and the Video Assistant Referee taketh away.

Results from a mid-season survey on the new technology in the Premier League have finally been released and it’s come with some surprising results.

But the most eye-catching bits of information to come out of the survey is actually which teams have benefited the most from the introduction of a Video Assistant Referee surrounding key decisions, as well as those which have had the most goals or penalties taken away.

Manchester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League

So are LiVARpool really on their way to a technology-inspired Premier League title? 

Well, as it turns out, Jürgen Klopp’s side have actually had more goals or penalties taken away from them over the course of the 2019/20 Premier League season, while ArsenalChelseaManchester City and Tottenham have also suffered overall from the introduction of VAR.

Manchester United are the only top-six side to have benefited from the technology throughout the season so far and they’re one of just five teams to have been given more goals or penalties than have been taken away this campaign.

Here’s a closer look at the results.

Net Goals & Penalties Gained or Lost Team(s)​
​+3 ​Manchester United
​+2 N/A​
​+1 ​Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Watford
​0 ​Burnley
​-1 Arsenal, Brighton & Hove Albion, Southampton, Norwich City, Everton​
​-2 ​Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Wolverhampton Wanderers
​-3 ​Aston Villa, West Ham
​-4 ​N/A
​-5 ​Leicester City, Sheffield United

Despite benefiting the most from the technology, Manchester United sit in seventh place in the Premier League table and are six points outside of the top four.

At the other end of the spectrum, both Sheffield United and Leicester City are above United in the table even though they’re five goals or penalties worse off following the introduction of a Video Assistant Referee.
Interestingly, Burnely are the only team this season who have seen decisions involving the VAR even themselves out.

As part of the survey, it was found that fans in the north-west were the most strongly against the technology being brought in this season. Out of the 1,419 supporters that took part, however, 82 per cent said they would keep the VAR either with or without changes.

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