ROFL: The Best Premier League Memes & Funnies of Matchweek 2

The Premier League is a funny place. It just is. There’s an ocean of LOLs out there, just waiting to be had. And we, the public, just need to mine it, or fish it, or whatever. 

Anyway, how does a run-through of all these funnies and memes and LOLs and ROFLs out there in the English football world sound? Good? No? Oh, you’re joking. Funny. 

Let’s go.

David Luiz & Matteo Guendouzi

Ohhh, how much fun was had. We all knew it was coming. Though what that ‘it’ was remained slightly unknown. Was it a love story? Was it a rivalry? In the end it was simply magnificent.  Spellbinding. It was…EVERYTHING. And it was bloody meme-worthy, too. 

For the record, Guendouzi has since said: “I prefer my hair. It is more beautiful.” Which is spectacular. But is it true?

Pep Guardiola vs Sergio Aguero

ICYMI, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola and his subordinate Sergio Aguero had a bit of a coming together on Saturday in the aftermath of the Argentine’s substitution. This is not the first time Guardiola has had a public shouting match with a player, not by a long shot, and it’s getting a bit tiresome. 

Thankfully, the good folk on Twitter were quickly able to turn this sentiment around, making it funny once more. Now, the above ‘funny’ is actually in Spanish (I think?), because the English version was a bit, err, risque. Now, this version could be equally, err, riesgo? But ignorance is bliss, you know, so enjoy.


Which brings us nicely on to VAR. Ah, you’ve gotta love VAR. You literally have to. It’s incredible. What a piece of kit. Pure drama. Pure agony. Pure ecstasy. All wrapped up in one nice, tidy ‘geek box’.

I mean, sure, you can disagree with its decision, I can’t stop you from doing that, but you can’t disagree with the entertainment value, the anger it provokes and the comedy that that in turn provokes. It’s a beautiful circle. Almost as beautiful as this new rule below:

Not a meme, but definitely a funny. 

James Maddison ROASTS Jeremy Clarkson

This was important for a myriad of reasons. 

A) Jeremy Clarkson’s slip into the ‘footballer’s performances are based on the length/colour of their hair’ corner/abyss is the most on-brand move since Richard Keys left for Qatar. 


C) The brazen delivery of a hairline joke when you yourself look to be on a potentially slippery slope is the kind of bravery we need to be seeing on a daily basis if this world has any chance of survival, IMHO.

Derby’s Puskas Jibe

Okay, so not a meme and not from the Premier League, but it is relevant. It is also true – just look at that masterpiece and tell me it doesn’t deserve Ferenc’s recognition. 

Most importantly, telling an organisation like FIFA – with all the weighty baggage that comes with it – to grow up will never not be funny. Never. 


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