Premier League Transfer Window to Open This Thursday in Order to Comply With FIFA Rules

​The ​Premier League’s summer transfer window will open much earlier than in has in times past, with this year’s date set for Thursday, May 17, per Sky Sports.

Previous windows have opened on June 1. But this year, due to the league having voted to close the window earlier than usual, things will be a little different

Teams were in agreement with deadline day being moved from August 31 to August 9 in order to have all squads confirmed by the time the new season kicks off on August 11.

According to FIFA rules, all countries must have a summer transfer window that spans 12 weeks. And, as a result of the end date being pushed up, the start date has been made to follow suit.

The Premier League are the only UK division to vote for a change, but the EFL is likely to do so as well. Meanwhile, all of Europe’s other major leagues have kept their dates the same and will be allowed to start their transfer business from June 1.

Premier League clubs will have until August 9 to complete any deals for players coming from other countries.



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