Mourinho: I don't understand why Arsenal aren't title challengers

The outspoken Chelsea manager praised the Gunners’ squad and style of play but suggested that Arsene Wenger is just waiting for success

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says that Arsenal should be challenging his side for the Premier League title, taking a swipe at Arsene Wenger’s recent record.

The Gunners are 12 points behind Mourinho’s men with 12 games to go, and while the Portuguese manager was full of praise for their squad and style play, he noted that his old rival has “a dream job”, with enough credibility from his past success to be able to just “wait and wait” for more.

“Arsenal? I don’t understand why they are not where we are, with Manchester City, because I like their team,” Mourinho said on Sky Sports‘ ‘Goals on Sunday’.

“I think they have very good players. Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck – important players added to an already very good squad. I think they are more of a team.

“At this moment Wenger has a dream job that we would all love to have. He has the stability and has the time to buy and sell and wait for success, and wait and wait. I think he has the dream job.

“What he did to get so many titles in a certain period gives him the credibility that he deserves. Obviously he is a fantastic manager but he’s in a fantastic position to be successful. When I look at the players, I really think they have to win.”

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