LOL: The Best Memes & Funnies From the Premier League This Week

​You gotta love the Premier League. It’s home to some of the best football on the planet, but it’s also home to some of the stupidest sporting moments you’re ever likely to see.

There’s fighting, drama and mistakes everywhere you look, but that’s all part of the fun. Would we even support football if it wasn’t chaotic almost all the time?

Let’s see what English football had to offer us this week.

Oh Captain, My Captain

​Granit Xhaka…you good?

The relationship between ​Arsenal fans and club-captain Xhaka is about as frosty as the tips of a 90s boyband singer’s hair (hint – that’s frosty). It’s mad what telling your own fans to “f**k off” will do to you.

The biggest question coming out of the whole situations is: will Xhaka apologise?

Yeah, all the drama isn’t ideal really.

The team hasn’t been great. Xhaka hasn’t been great. Unai Emery hasn’t been great. Basically, not a lot is going great for the Gunners.

Mattéo Guen-Doesn’t Know How to Tackle

​They always say that defending wins games. A last-ditch challenge can be the difference between success and defeat, and Mattéo Guendouzi knows that.

However, he might take that too far. 

Why use your feet to tackle when you can just use your entire body? It worked for St. Louis Rams linebacker Mike Jones at Super Bowl XXXIV, it worked for WWE heavyweight champion Goldberg, and it worked for Guendouzi.

I think they call it…cynical?

You Nine to See it


Wait, what do you mean you already knew that?

Their 9-0 loss to ​Leicester City really was something special and, of course, the internet went mad for it all.


Pathetic Penalties

​Ask fans what the easiest way to score a goal is, and most will tell you that it’s a penalty. Just kick it at the goal, and you’ve got a good chance of scoring.

However, ask ​Manchester United fans what the easiest way to score is, and they’ll all just run away before even answering.

Both ​Anthony Martial and ​Marcus Rashford missed penalties against ​Norwich City. ​Paul Pogba missed earlier in the season.



Here’s an idea – ever tried actually scoring them?

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