Jose Mourinho’s Comments About January Transfers Could Bode Well for Fans Wanting Alexis Sanchez

​Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has failed to rule out the idea of making January signings that represent ‘a fantastic opportunity’.

The Portuguese coach generally doesn’t usually do any business in the winter window, and has reiterated that squad balance is best formed during the summer.

But as quoted by the ​club’s official website, the former Chelsea manager failed to categorically rule out any signings in this particular window.


He said: “The balance of the squad is made in the summer, unless you have a dramatic situation with a crazy number of injuries and you are pushed for emergency deals. But sometimes it can happen: on the table there’s a fantastic opportunity and you fight for that opportunity.

“If it happens, it happens; if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t. But I like my squad, I like my players; the more time I spend with them, the more I like them. And this week [in Dubai] was also good to be sure of that.


“We like our squad, we believe in our squad – it’s just about improving it in a balanced way. So if we do something now, it has to be something we really believe is the right thing to do for the team.”

Mourinho’s comments are certainly interesting in relation to ​the ongoing Alexis Sanchez rumours. United have now been made the red hot favourites to sign the Chilean after supposedly offering the player and the club more money than Manchester City.

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With a player of Sanchez’s quality, it can definitely be argued that, since he is out of contract in the summer, he would represent the ‘fantastic opportunity’ Mourinho is talking about.


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