I'm not the Godfather, I'm a very bad actor! – Arsenal boss Wenger laughs off Al Pacino comparisons

After being compared to the Oscar-winning actor by Theo Walcott, the Frenchman insists there is no chance of him contemplating a career change

Arsene Wenger is not coming to a (film) screen near you soon.

Theo Walcott revealed this week that the Arsenal boss channelled his inner Al Pacino to deliver a speech to help inspire his team in their Premier League title challenge that was reminiscent of the actor when playing Tony D’Amato in Any Given Sunday. 

Wenger’s 20-plus years as manager have made him something of a Godfather figure at the Emirates Stadium.

‘Wenger the right man for Arsenal’

But the Frenchman was keen to play The Devil’s Advocate when it came to comparisons with Pacino and admits his acting skill leave a lot to be desired.

“You know I’m a very bad actor,” Wenger joked when asked about Walcott’s comments at a news conference.

“That comparison is certainly not right!”

The boss… like Al Pacino? https://t.co/0VSydmAO1Z

— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) January 26, 2017

The thrill of winning an Oscar or Golden Globe is one that would appeal to many, but Wenger, 67, is not likely to be walking down the red carpets any time soon.

“No [I don’t fancy going into acting], not really,” he added. 

“You speak with your emotions and sometimes we get it better than other times, like all people who speak a lot. Overall I don’t remember what I said!”

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