'I thought the Welsh were tough!' – Gerrard hammers Ramsey over Cavani incident

PSG’s Uruguayan striker appeared to throw a punch at the midfielder, but his rather theatrical reaction was highlighted by former England internationals

Former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard has criticised Aaron Ramsey for his reaction to Edinson Cavani’s rather tame punch during the feisty Champions League encounter between Arsenal and Paris St Germain on Wednesday.

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The Welsh international stumbled back, holding his chin after Cavani took a wild swing despite replays appearing to show minimal contact between Cavani’s fist and Ramsey.

The incident caused quite a stir, with Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand hammering the 25-year-old for his slightly exaggerated antics.

“I think it’s one of them things Aaron will look back on and he’ll be slightly embarrassed,” he said to BT Sport.

“I don’t think there’s any need for that reaction. The Welsh are meant to be tough!”

Ferdinand also teased Ramsey, adding: “If this was a foreign player we’d be going mad. He’ll be embarrassed when he looks back at that.”

The match, played at the Emirates Stadium, finished 2-2 and Arsenal now have an uphill task to top Group A.

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