Give me 'a fraction more', Wenger tells Arsenal stars

The Gunners boss believes that his team are a little shy of doing themselves justice after five draws in their first eight Premier League games

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wants “a fraction more” from his squad in order to start getting results that do themselves justice.

The Gunners have won two and drawn five of their first eight Premier League games of the season, putting them 11 points behind leaders Chelsea at an early stage.

“Look, we have lost only one game in the Premier League but we have not enough points with what we produced,” Wenger told reporters.

“Top-level performance is to make the maximum with your potential and sometimes in games you need a fraction more.

“That’s what we want to do – give a fraction more to be really efficient in what we do.”

Midfielder Jack Wilshere agrees that his side are not far away from getting it right and points to the narrow nature of some of their drawn games but believes that, with a little extra concentration, Arsenal will pick things up.

He observed: “In big games this season, we have been so close. In the Manchester City game, we were close to winning and then a lack of concentration [happens] and we draw the game.

“If we had won one of those … but we are confident we can do it. We played Tottenham at home as well and feel we should have won the game, we dominated possession. If we can just concentrate a little bit more defensively, then we are confident we can do that.”

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