Game of Thrones: The Football Teams the Cast of GOT Support

​This article is dark and full of spoilers…at least up to and including the seventh season of the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

If you haven’t watched any of the latest episodes then you have nothing to fear. However, if you’re still hoping that Robb Stark can get revenge on the Lannisters then you may want to catch up with everyone else before you continue reading.

Virgil van Dijk,Sergio Aguero

The great war is upon us in the ​Premier League, with the noble houses of ​Manchester City and ​Liverpool vying for supremacy. But, despite their dominance this campaign, neither has the support of any of the HBO epic’s cast members. In fact, it seems as though many of the actors are loyal to the dethroned ​Manchester United.

Find out below who Jon Snow and the army of the living cheer for when they’re not battling ice zombies.

Sean Bean (Eddard Stark) – Sheffield United

Jack O'Connell

Oh Eddard, how we miss you. Ned Stark may have only been in the show for one season, but his beloved​ Sheffield United will be in the Premier League for a fourth time next year.

No one can doubt Sean Bean’s devotion to the Yorkshire outfit, with a tattoo on his left shoulder proudly reading ‘100% Blade’. They are his hometown club after all, the Warden of the North swearing undying fealty to the Bramall Lane side. He even starred in a film (​When Saturday Comes, 1996) where he played a Blades player.

Joe Dempsie (Gendry) – Nottingham Forest

Joe Lolley

Gendry may be hammering things up in Winterfell, but his ​Nottingham Forest side are not exactly doing the same to their ​Championship opponents. They have had an underwhelming year after being tipped for promotion, the playoffs now well beyond them.

The blacksmith has royal blood running through his veins and Forest have a regal history, the midlanders having claimed successive European Cups under the fabled Brian Clough in the late 20th century.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) – Leeds United


Leeds could do with a hand following a torrid run of results, though Ser Jaime Lannister won’t exactly be much help in that regard. Tales of United’s grandeur and majesty drifted across the Narrow Sea to Coster-Waldau’s native Denmark when the actor was growing up, triggering a life-long love affair with the sleeping giants.

Unfortunately the Whites were profligate with their money, ultimately paying the price as they plunged from​ Champions League semi finals to the English third division in the space of five years. Jaime would never have allowed that to happen; a Lannister always pays his debts.

Kit Harington and John Bradley (Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly) – Manchester United

Brothers of the Night’s Watch and brothers in arms watching the Red Devils. Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly have endured a demoralising, harsh existence in a freezing, hopeless fortress in the north, but I guess that’s life as a Manchester United fan these days! 

Harington and Bradley may don all black when on set, but they bleed red having pledged their allegiances to United.

Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) – Arsenal

Theo Walcott,Olivier Giroud

Poor Theon: if getting tortured by the beautifully sadistic Ramsay Bolton wasn’t enough, he has had to endure seeing the once-mighty ​Arsenal take a bit of a backseat in recent years. 19 consecutive campaigns competing in Europe’s elite club competition has been followed by two in the Europa League, with a third seemingly on the way.

At least the youngest of the Greyjoys is trying to redeem himself, somewhat making up for his betrayals and crimes with selfless acts of bravery. Can Unai Emery coax some similar courage out of the Gunners in the closing weeks of 2018/19?

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) – Manchester United


If United supporters think this season has a happy ending they haven’t been paying attention. Ramsay will be furious; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men currently occupy sixth position in the Premier League and were skinned by Lionel Messi and his ​Barcelona teammates in Europe a fortnight ago.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson vacated the Iron Throne at Old Trafford things have turned rather sour, with the mad king Jose Mourinho nearly burning the club to the ground during his fiery tenure. 

Matteo Elezi (young Benjen Stark) – Everton


Possibly the least recognisable name on the list, Elezi played a youthful Benjen Stark during one of Bran’s trips to the past with the Three Eyed Raven. He probably won’t want to revisit ​Everton’s recent past, given the widespread frustration from fans at Sam Allardyce’s style of play.

The Toffees have been in the shadow of their illustrious rivals Liverpool the whole of Elezi’s lifetime, with no trophies delivered to Goodison Park since the 1995 FA Cup; perhaps they need Melisandre to resurrect them.

Iain Glen and Conleth Hill (Jorah Mormont and Varys) – Manchester United

Manchester United's English striker Wayn

When it comes to eagle-eyed surveillance, Westeros has Varys and football has VAR. The master of whisperers has attended the theatre of dreams on a number of occasions, even meeting up with the squad during their preseason tour of the USA in 2017.

Fellow Red Devils’ follower Ser Jorah Mormont finally found love in the shape of Ferguson’s treble-winning side of 1999, their prolonged success filling the hole left in his heart after Daenerys Targaryen’s rejection of the exiled knight.

The Entire Cast – Sevilla

A few years back Sevilla invited the cast to attend their ​La Liga clash with Barça, with scenes in the kingdom of Dorne being filmed in the region. The characters may be constantly deceiving and murdering each other, but they all agreed on one thing – a trip to the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium sounded pretty nice!


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