Gallas has no regrets over Arsenal 'sit-down' protest

A 2-2 draw against Birmingham City prompted the Frenchman to make himself comfortable back in 2008, and eight years later he reflected that passion took over

Former Arsenal defender William Gallas insists that he does not regret sitting down on the turf in an infamous incident for the Gunners, while recognising he may have acted foolishly. 

The Frenchman made the headlines in February 2008 after Birmingham City converted a penalty to grab a 2-2 draw against Arsenal. 

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Gallas reacted by sitting on the field during stoppage time, an act that earned him criticism from some circles – but he remains unrepentant. 

“Maybe I was stupid but I was passionate,” he explained to Sky Sports.

“It was very, very important for use to win the title and the players next to me were very young. I was mad.

Gallas also revealed that the result at St. Andrew’s was very well-received at Manchester United, who went on to take the Premier League crown that season. 

“I spoke to [Patrice Evra] on the same day or the day after and he told me about Alex Ferguson when he conceded the penalty. He jumped up and said ‘the door is still open, we are going to win the title’.”

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