Free-to-play quizzes and football brain teasers

You’re now able to enjoy specialised games on any topic as a way of simply passing the time. These come in many forms, with quizzes available to identify a few statistics-based answers and brain teasers about football which really test your knowledge on the sport. Activities such as these aren’t likely to be the first thing you’d consider when you’re looking for a football tip or build-up for a key football fixture, but they’re created with a view to occupying your time when you’ve got an hour free or for those who are looking to speed up a tiresome train journey.

As the internet is a hub for placing bets or finding football tips, it’s also just as useful when it comes to tracking down an endless array of these football brain teasers. You’ll find a wide selection just by searching the web and there’s more choice than you might realise, with sports betting websites like Oddschanger offering out quizzes to their followers and bookmakers even getting in on the action with their own games which reward the winner with a massive cash prize.

Popular free-to-play football games include:

Starting XI, Statistic and Picture Quizzes

If you want proper football brain teasers that really stretch your knowledge for the sport, you’ll find plenty online. This not only includes being able to identify statistics-based quizzes surfacing on goalscorers, winning teams and other specified results but also having to work out a footballer, team or stadium with only a small section of a picture to guess from.

Another option is Starting XI quizzes, which are used to identify every single player for teams that were memorable for all of the right or wrong reasons in past years. This could be the Champions League finalists from a chosen season, where you need to name all twenty-two starting players and any used substitutes, with the time-limit giving you a chance to finish but making it into a difficult challenge.

Sky Bet Super 6

Coming as one of the most enjoyable free-to-play football brain teasers on the market, the Soccer Saturday Super 6 allows SkyBet customers to win anywhere between £5,000 and £1 million based on the prediction of six chosen scorelines. They will arrange this so there is at least one new gameweek every single week and you’ll be able to alter your selections after making them up to a certain deadline, which gives you the option of making your entry stronger if you change your mind over one of the matches.

Although this might sound simple, it’s actually very difficult to get every scoreline 100% correct, as just one goal will ruin your chances of winning. The Sky Bet Super 6 also has a Golden Goal option, which is a way of judging when the first goal is scored throughout all six fixtures and works as a tie-breaker in the event of a draw. If nobody is capable of getting all six correct, a leaderboard ranks everyone’s attempts and will reward the person who came the closest with a £5,000 prize.

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