Arsenal Twitter Breathes a Sigh of Relief at Liverpool Loss as Invincibles’ Record Remains Intact

​And breathe, Gooners. 

Teams have come close to matching the incredible achievements of that Arsenal side of 2003/04, but no other group of players has ever been able to play 38 league matches in a season without losing at least one of them. 

Arsenal's L to R Jose Antonio Reyes, Rob

But talk of the mighty Invincibles resurfaced this year, as Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool bulldozed a whole series of records on their way to becoming the soon-to-be champions. And there was one accolade they were very, very close to cracking. 

It seemed written in the stars that your beloved Invincibles would be remembered as ‘the first top-flight team to go unbeaten in the Premier League era – but not the best’.

But Watford said ‘No’.

The Hornets spanked ​Liverpool 3-0, and in doing so, ended their 44-game unbeaten run. Weirdly, it’s probably the best thing that will happen to Arsenal all season…

What did ​Arsenal Twitter make of it, you ask? Not much..  I wouldn’t think. 

This tweet summed up the emotions of the majority of Arsenal supporters at the final whistle, so much so that it received more likes than Bruno Fernandes’ announcement tweet for ​Manchester United!

Not sure if i’m impressed by that or not really… 

Arsenal supporters haven’t had much to hang their hat on in recent years, so maintaining this bit of history appears to be pretty important to those in north London. 


It was clear that this nightmare had been looming over Gunners’ supporters, getting closer week by week. But some believed that it was all under control, and had been from the very beginning. 

The internet ran rife with conspiracies as to big Arsène Wenger’s influence over the curtain falling on ​Liverpool’s unbeaten streak, and their theories involved several ex-Gooners…. 

Some went even deeper…

And of course, there were those who embarrassed themselves by basking in the misery of others’ failings a little too much… 

Even some of the actual Invincibles themselves got involved! 

And of course, three cheers for the team who made this all possible – since ​Arsenal would never be able to beat this Liverpool team themselves in a million years. 

​​Small victories, Gooners. Take what you can get, eh? 


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