Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry Reveals the Most Demanding Part of His Playing Career

​Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has revealed that impressing his expectant father was the most stressful part of his playing career.

The Frenchman enjoyed an illustrious career, scoring prolifically for the Gunners before a lucrative move to Barcelona.

But he has claimed that the most pressure he experienced was when waiting for the verdict of his father.

Barcelona's Thiery Henry looks over his

“Whether you like it or not, you’re the reflection of how your parents brought you up,” Henry said in an interview with Canal Plus – via ​Get French Football News. 

“I was brought up in relation to what didn’t work, rather than what did. My dad would always say ‘Oh you had a bad game, you put in a bad cross, you did this poorly, you messed this up’. 

“So I developed a sort of shell because I knew that at the end of the game, he would tell me what I did incorrectly.

“So I grew up understanding what I did incorrectly. And not on what I did well. The greatest pressure I had in my career was putting a smile on my father’s face. If only to see one of his teeth! Anything… that was the hardest thing I had to do. When you leave the dressing room, the face goes like this (puts on a slight frown and serious face).”

AC Milan v Arsenal FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

He added: “I not only felt my father’s intransigent attitude throughout my whole career, it was inside me. It was inside me, and is part of who I am. It was my mindset, his mindset which he gave. 

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“As a kid I was able to surmount my father’s intransigent attitude, which helped shape me as an individual.

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“But as a kid how do you shape yourself? You just do it. But as a player, regardless of the game, sometimes I would go to the locker room, and be angry over something that I missed. 

“We could have won a game, but I would still go home angry. Me not celebrating is just who I am. I can not lie to myself. The way I grew up is the way I grew up. That’s what got me here.”


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