Arsenal Fans React to Allegedly ‘Leaked’ Hector Bellerin Audio Clip Amid AFTV Fallout

​The fallout from Hector Bellerin’s criticism of ArsenalFanTV shows no signs of ending after ‘leaked’ audio of the full-back talking disparagingly about the club appeared online.

Reports all over Twitter have alleged that the person heard talking in the clip is none other than the Gunners full-back, who states that he may be open to ‘a new challenge’ in the next season or so.

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However, many Arsenal supporters refuse to believe that the person chatting isn’t Bellerin and is, in fact, a diabolical plot by ArsenalFanTV to get back at the Spain international over the comments he made about them during an Oxford Union Q&A session earlier in February.

Bellerin had said that he thought it was ‘so wrong’ for those, who claimed to support the club, made a name for themselves on the failure of Arsene Wenger’s men – quotes which seemed to rile the supporters’ group.

However, resident ArsenalFanTV DT has hit back accusations made against the channel he is a part of, and stated explicitly that the group had not been the ones to put the audio file together:

That has not helped to settle the growing dispute over the incident though, and Arsenal fans have been quick to take sides over the incident:

Bellerin himself was quoted in the ​Mirror as he sought to downplay his criticism of the group after the comments came to light.

He had said: “There’s some misleading quotes going around. At no point have I criticised Arsenal fan base.

“I have nothing but respect for all the support we get through ups & downs. I just voiced my opinion about a platform. Guess some people just can’t take opinions about themselves.”

Arsenal Fan TV chief Robbie Lyle had also come out in defence of his channel in the aftermath of Bellerin’s comments, adding that the platform allowed Gunners fans to ‘have their say’ and that he was ‘very proud’ of the work they had conducted.

Expect this one to roll on and on then, with no immediate end to this particular saga in sight.

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