Arsenal & Chelsea SLAMMED for failing to sign Alli

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says “any mug” can sign a £20 million superstar and has criticised the Premier League elite who missed out on the 19-year-old

Harry Redknapp has criticised Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea for failing to sign Dele Alli ahead of Tottenham.

Spurs clinched a £5 million deal for the 19-year-old in February and has made an immediate impact following his arrival from MK Dons in the summer.

And the former Tottenham boss insists the Premier League clubs should be embarrassed by their oversight.

“It shames the recruitment networks at the top clubs — who could think further ahead — that they didn’t go in for him,” Redknapp wrote in his column for the Evening Standard.

“Why didn’t Arsenal sign him? Don’t tell me Chelsea shouldn’t have bought him for £5m. What’s £5m to Manchester United, especially with the way they throw their money around now? Okay, Liverpool did show some interest but for, whatever reason, did not follow it through.

“It’s fine being a head of recruitment at a top club paying £20m for a superstar. Any mug can do that.

“Go and pick a kid up from a lower division club. That’s when you earn your money in recruiting players. You are supposed to be qualified to identify a talent at a young age. It is easy to go and pay a fortune for some player already starting to show his best.”

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