Twitter Reacts to Live Premier League Football on Amazon Prime – And Peter Drury Is the Hero

Tuesday December 3, 2019 – a day that will never be forgotten in the world of live sports broadcasting.

Forget Sky Sports, forget BT Sport, this was a day for new beginnings, as Amazon Prime became the first streaming service to broadcast a live top-flight English football match.

Amazon have experimented with US Open tennis over the past couple of years – to limited success – but their agreement to show live Premier League action over the next few days, as well as a full programme of fixtures on Boxing Day, is something of a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of sports broadcasting.


Let’s face facts though. We all had reservations about how things would pan out, given the nuances of internet connections, lag and pixelated images that have driven us mad over the last decade while gaming online.

So, what better place to gauge how things went than on our good old friend, Twitter? 

Here, we pick through the best of social media’s ramblings – with things getting off to a pretty ropey start…



So how about the picture and sound quality that is so fundamental to enjoying a live game? 

Hmmmm, not brill either I’m afraid…




Not looking good here, is it?


And it’s a big but.

Amazon had pocket aces up their sleeve that, seemingly, nobody saw coming (despite a prior announcement of who would be covering the games).

Long live, King Peter Drury!




And the praise didn’t stop with Mr Drury’s expertise on commentary….no, no, no it did not.

Because what else do we, the footballing connoisseurs, love more than the game itself? Bloody good analysis, coverage and options to flick around at our leisure.

Another tick in the Amazon box it seems.. ​​


So all is well that’s end well, right?

Well, instead, we could end this shambles of having to pay for Sky Sports, BT Sport and now Amazon Prime by doing the sensible thing…..​by creating an official Premier League-run Netflix-style streaming service, rounding up everything into one juicy, wholesome package guaranteed to not let you down.


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