José Mourinho Denies Links (Already) to Arsenal Job After Unai Emery Firing

​Tottenham Hotspur manager José Mourinho has insisted that he would not leave the club in favour of a move to any team in the world, dismissing claims he could have taken over at Arsenal instead.

It was rumoured that the Arsenal board wanted Mourinho to be the man to replace Unai Emery, who was eventually relieved of his duties on Wednesday, but their plans were left in tatters as the Portuguese tactician accepted an offer from Spurs.

Unai Emer

Speaking ahead of his side’s meeting with ​Bournemouth (via the ​Evening Standard), Mourinho was quick to dodge questions about ​Arsenal’s reported interest in him, instead reiterating his commitment to ​Spurs.

“No point to tell it. Didn’t happen,” he said of Arsenal’s interest. “I’m so happy here that I couldn’t even think about the possibility to go to another place. You can put now in front of me any club in the world, I would not move.”

However, he did confess that he sympathises with Emery, but he backed the Spaniard to find himself a new job in the near future.

“It’s always sad news,” he added. “I felt it as a kid when my dad was sacked as a manager, I felt it myself when I have been sacked previously. There’s not one single manager sacked that I’m happy with. I always feel a déjà vu situation.

“So I’m sad for it but that’s life. Unai is a fantastic coach, not happy at Arsenal obviously but a fantastic coach with a proven record. 

Unai Emery

“Little bit of a rest and another big club will come for him and his career will be back on track. So no dramas mi amigo, keep going and you will get another club.

“I’m always disappointed when a manager goes, even when I was waiting for a job, even when I need somebody to get sacked for me to eventually be a possibility, it’s not something that I enjoy. In football and in life, when I hear about factories closing or people being made redundant, this kind of story, I’m never happy.”

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