I have learnt to manage my body, says Diaby

The Frenchman has revealed that a revamp of his lifestyle and diet has enabled him to learn more about his body and possibly put an end to his long-standing injury problems

Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has says he hopes to steer clear of more long term injuries after altering many aspects of his off-field lifestyle.

The 26-year-old has had an injury plagued career that has restricted his chances for both Arsenal and France.

In order to put together a run of games the Frenchman revealed that he has undertaken a change of diet and lifestyle to help him learn more about how his body works.

“I have tried to look after myself a lot this season by having good treatment, a good recovery [period] and all the things that make a player better.” He told club’s official website.

“I have improved my diet a lot, my lifestyle has always been okay because I don’t go out too much and have always been a guy who stays at home and rests.

“I do all the exercises I need to improve my strength and my muscle weaknesses.”

Diaby has made just 17 starts over the past two Premier League campaigns, but 14 of those have come this season.

“I am very happy to have made this number of starts, I got injured for three months, which is a large part of the season, but even so I have still made 14 starts, which is really good. We also have nine games to go, so I will get to 16 or 17 or more,” he added.

“I am still young and I know that I have many years left at the top level. I just need to look after myself every day and everything will be okay.”

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