Cazorla 'very satisfied' with Arsenal experience

Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla has declared himself delighted with all he has achieved in the game this year.

After representing Spain during Euro 2012 and playing a key role in helping Malaga to qualify for the Champions League last season, he moved to the Premier League with the Gunners in the summer.

Looking back on his success in his homeland both on the domestic stage and in the international arena, Cazorla admits it is difficult even now to take in, having become the first nation ever to win three consecutive international tournaments.

“That is something you never forget It is clear that, as football players always say, we do not realise what we have achieved until many years have passed,” the Spaniard told the club’s official website.

“In football everything moves very fast, you do not have enough time to take stock of what you have achieved, but all in all, it is the highest accolade, to win something for your country, to see everyone on the streets celebrating.

“That was a reason to be happy, and hopefully we can repeat that success for the Spanish people many times.”

He moved to the Emirates in the summer along with Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, and Cazorla has stated that the new challenge in England has reinvigorated him on the pitch.

“It was a very important decision, to change teams,” he added. “It is a new challenge, it is a completely new adventure from the start, you have to start from zero, aside from the fact of going into a different culture, a new league, a new language.

“But I think that with Arsenal, I was offered an opportunity that I could not turn down, being 27 years old [at the time], it was like a train that I had to take, and I am very satisfied.

“I am learning a lot, I am adapting more and more as days go by, and my aim is to learn the English game, and hopefully I will spend some good years at this club.

“I really enjoy the league, the atmosphere at the stadiums, the respect of the people, their kindness, it is incredible.

“Regarding the collective, we have dropped some points, and we hope that from now on we can all improve. That is what we all want, to see Arsenal further up the table.

“It has been a positive year for me. It is true that there are always ups and downs throughout the year, that is normal, but if I look everything that I have achieved, everything that I have experienced, I am very satisfied.

“I have achieved great things, I am still growing as a football player, and for next year I will aim for more of the same, to be successful with Arsenal, and to continue learning and growing every day.”

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