BREAKING NEWS: Denmark suspend Bendtner for six months

The Danish footballing authority has banned the forward from the national team for a half a year, after he was stopped by the police for violating traffic rules last weekend

The Danish Football Association (DBU) has suspended on-loan Juventus striker Nicklas Bendtner from the country’s national side for six months.

Bendtner was stopped by the Danish authorities for driving on the wrong side of the road in the night of March 2, allegedly intoxicated, and the country’s footballing authority has now issued a statement regarding the future of the attacker.

“Based on Nicklas Bendtner’s traffic offense on Saturday night, which affected his public image in a negative way, DBU informed him that we take a clear distance from his breach of the Highway Code Section 53rd.” read a statement on the organisation’s official website.

“The Football Association expects that he spends the next six months on these considerations, and DBU then will be happy to take a dialogue with him about how he may in the future see himself positively contributing to the binding community around the men’s first team.”

Nicklas Bendtner has appeared 55 times for his country to date, scoring 22 goals.

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